A good kid in a mad city



How long have you been a photographer? What pushed you on this path in the beginning?
I've been a hobbyist photographer for close to a decade. It was only a few years ago that I have actively been pursuing a path away from motion design, which is my current profession, to being a professional photographer.

Have you always wanted to make art?
aking art has always been in my blood. My Grandfather, my father, and my uncles, were all fairly well-known artists in the Philippines. I chose to follow suit and live my life as a creative.

Tell us about your favourite shoot.
The shoot for A Good Kid in a Mad City has to be up there in my favorites. It took a team that I could trust to really create the look and emotions needed to build these photos. They inspired me to work towards a life as a professional photographer.

What inspires you?
In my opinion, the most inspirational things in life come from the most routine and overlooked actions. All living things move and breathe so differently, and that to me is profound.

How would you characterize your style?
I like to hope that I bring a narrative aspect to all of my work. Every image tells a story, and I try to the best of my abilities to sprinkle that in.

What advice would you give to a beginning photographer?
I would advise more photographers to shoot with intention. It is so important to care about what you are shooting and to build a world for your subject.

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