It would be beyond arrogant to say that men are more powerful than the sea and the sky. It is not an exaggeration to say that mankind exists because of nature. Considering all the essentials for humans, a pure form of salt is indispensable. Sea salt made in the sea of Korea, especially from Sinan Begumdo is well known for its purity. After holding up the seawater, the sky and people work together and slowly create salt. The Bulk Bag that contains salt can carry up to 900 kilograms. Unfortunately, this sturdy material is used once and discarded entirely due to logistics costs. Here, the collaboration began as the fashion brand darcygom made these salt bulk bags into fashion. The bag that once carried salt is now upcycled into a hanbok-inspired work jumpsuit and fills people instead. Alas, Begumdo's traditional salt collecting method is dissipating. The number of workers is steadily decreasing due to low profitability and heavy workload. Salt fields are slowly getting covered with solar panels due to the solar craze. Solar power generation, an alternative means to overcome climate change, has turned the nature-friendly village into an energy plant due to reckless expansion. Even in Begumdo alone, more than 50% of salt fields are getting converted to solar panels. Thus, capturing this traditional method with photos and videos meant conserving a part of history- more than just fashion. Many of Korean traditional culture represents slow, small and sustainability. Through this project, we would like to address the value of our ancestors' Slow movement. Furthermore, we would like to focus on protecting the natural ecology of our communities, be proud of our traditional culture and sustainable fashion.