Relapse in [old] patterns is a collection inspired by falling back into old behavior patterns and the struggle we have in overcoming those, especially in times which force us to be alone with our thoughts. Sometimes it feels like we are running in circles and do not seem to have any progress, being stuck or even falling back. 
Like trees, we do not just shoot consistently up and out, and we aren’t always in our full splendor. Even at our best, we do not move ahead in straight lines; we move ahead in forward-trending spirals. At certain points, it may feel like we are moving backward, but if we stay conscious and observant, we can see how those steps back prepare us for leaps forward.

All The circular movement of progress was the baseline for the designs, I developed a technique to knit in endless small circles and tried lots of different patterns in knitwear to alienate it and to make knit appear different than we are used to. Also, Jugendstil and its artworks and architecture were a very important source for the print design process and for me it was a symbol for “old patterns” which already exists and the idea of breaking out of this familiar structure in one which reflects modernity – pixels.

I am studying fashion design in my Master at University of Applied Sciences in Trier, Germany and I am specialized in experimental knitwear design. All clothes are handmade, the knitwear is made from leftover yarns from big firms and all prints are printed in the netherlands on natural fibers like Tencel or recycled plastic.