No one or everyone? Fashion, a silhouette and a model but no face- just a human. The question we need to ask ourselves is; when we look at a person what do we really see? Do we see what they want to radiate or are we driven by our own prejudice and associations? This is where facelessness comes in; without a cover how can we judge the book? The answer is simple: we can not. We will have to open the book to see what it has to offer, not what our already biased impression has told us. Can fashion ever really just be fashion when worn by a face? Our revealing covers that carries so much and represents so subjectively. Does fashion depend on what face, colour, age or features by which it is represented or not? We live in a constant exhibition of faces. What will then happen to us when we remove these revealing covers from fashion? What do we then really see? What do we feel? Just that might be the crux. We see a human and that is all we are allowed to know. A socio-political state of being? Addictive? Seductive? Mystical? Horrific? Yes, and so much more. Deprived of a face what do you really see? Where is your focus?