woman about town

photographer RENE HERNANDEZ
wardrobe stylist MELISSA MITKAS

I have been a photographer for 4 years. I started when I was in modelling and had a desire to build my own creative portfolio, that's when I bought my first camera, shortly I quickly realized that I had been on the wrong side of the camera this whole time and I actually belonged on the behind lens.
I don't have a favourite shoot as they are all equally significant and have impacted me in one way or another. I love the process of creating the story and making it come to real life.
My inspiration is all around me from art pieces to music to anything artistic.
I always tend to like to reflect a strong powerful woman in my pictures and it wasn't that long ago that I realized that my muse was the woman next to me, my wife. She is my muse truly.
My main goal in my career is to create stories that impact audiences around the world. As repetitive as it sounds I think that is the vision of any true artist.

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