unpatched vulnerabilities

photographer FLORIN GHENADE 
fashion designer CRA XITTUDE 
female model GEORGIANA SARAEV 
make up IOANA ROMAN 




Crochet dress made from recycled fabric by Cra Xittude

  Software vulnerabilities are often fixed via patches to prevent them from being exploited by a malicious actor. Also, we, humans, behave in a similar manner with our vulnerabilities: we hide them, we deny them and we cover them with layers of perfectly acceptable behavior and looks by the society or social circle we live in. These troubled times brought up to the surface our vulnerabilities and insecurities but only to make us stronger, braver, and more creative than ever before.


  The photographs feature one of a kind pieces created from left-over fabric with artisanal techniques: waving and crochet. The future can be sustainable too!

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