the world beyond

The World Beyond is a photographic project set in an apocalyptic scenario, a dystopian future in which our planet, now tired, old and victim of epidemics, natural disasters, pollution has now ceased to be what we knew. The air is now unbreathable and it is quite difficult to survive. This photographic story is set in this scenario, which sees two people as protagonists, a couple of young guy and girl, who try to survive in this hostile world full of pitfalls but poor in resources. The images want to represent a sort of story by expressing different emotional states that young people experience during their daily life. In this case exploring a new, abandoned and declining place to rest and refresh for some time in search of better accommodation along their path. The cut is purely cinematic especially for the particularity of the shots, plays of light and shadows, symmetries and depth.

makeup artist IRENE CARULLI
female model ANNA SARA NAPOLI 

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model ДАРЬЯ СКРЫНСКАЯ/ wardrobe stylist ПОЛИНА КОНОВАЛОВА/ creative director & photographer АНАСТАСИЯ ПАНАРИНА

videographer/editor GAL DAHAN/ model CHRIS JOHN MAY EWAN @R&R, MGM Models/ photographer OMRI LEVI/ stylist GAL YOSSEF/

The woman's consciousness is the woman's side, and the inspiration for this set of photos is the woman's position.