the weekend

hair stylist YU NAKATA 
makeup artist HINAKO TAKAGAKI 

retoucher BURAK GÜLER  
photographer SEZEN TEZIC
set designer JESSIE COLEMAN
creative director ELANUR ERDOGAN
wardrobe stylist JUSTIN HENRY


1-2 Dress: Beacon’s Closet @beaconscloset Shoes: Who What Wear @whowhatwear

3-4 Dress: Richards Radcliffe @richardsradcliffe Shoes: Michaela V @bymichaelav Jewelry: Erickson Beamon @ericksonbeamon

5-8 Dress: Betsey Johnson for paraphernalia Shoes: Steve Madden Jewelry: Erickson Beamon @ericksonbeamo

9 [none]

10-11Dress: Intermix @intermixonline Shoes: Michaela V @bymichaelav


How long have you been a photographer? What pushed you on this path in the beginning?

Originally, I worked in the corporate world, in marketing, but I decided I couldn’t do that anymore. For me creating art has always been a passion, so I pursue photography. I earned my degree while living in California, and started working as a photographer full time. That was easily more than five years ago. When I entered the creative world I wanted so badly to connect and collaborate with other like-minded artists. I wanted to find some way of channelling my thoughts and feeling, using light and space and the human body to express myself.

Have you always wanted to make art?

Yes, absolutely yes. I am a very visual person and I was always taking pictures when I was growing up. I would watch a lot of movies on VHS. I wanted to know how they were made, how the artist took their vision and brought it into reality so I would watch the behind the scenes or production parts. Back in my hometown Istanbul I was attending theatres weekly, festivals, international music dance, art galleries, history and contemporary art. I always surrounded myself with art and creativity.

Tell us about your favourite shoot.

My favourite photoshoot was actually quite recent. I had the opportunity to shoot with an incredibly talented team inside the stunning TWA Terminal building, which is in Queens, New York. The aesthetics of Eero Saarinen’s mid-century modernist architecture is beautiful, and we had selected it to match the time period we wanted to portray. The concept, which I won’t get into here, was also something very important to me. What really made it memorable though, was how well everyone worked together, how easily our ideas meshed and complemented one another. Often times there can be a problem of egos in the creative world, but here there wasn’t anything like that. We were all free to offer suggestions and because of that the shoot went smoothly and everyone had a good time.

What inspires you?

Spaces. Spaces inspire me most of all. The architecture of space can suggest so much. I find myself coming up with characters and stories and I think “Oh my goodness, I need to find a way to make these people, this story real!” It’s really space that does it for me, whether that’s the architecture of a building or an interior or even landscapes. Stories need somewhere to live and breathe. Somewhere to start. Additionally, I am inspired by poetry and literature, foreign movies and philosophy.

How would you characterize your style?

Fresh, conceptual, versatile, dynamic.

What advice would you give to a beginning photographer?

Keep shooting no matter what. Keep learning to analyze the frame of your favourite images. Give yourself assignments or set a goal and keep working towards it. And surround yourself with the things that inspire you, whether it’s poetry, film, theater, music, dance. Whatever it is, keep yourself inspired.

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