the swan

photographer LILIA FRIDMAN 
wardrobe stylist NADIN
makeup artist/hair stylist GALA KACHALOVA
accessory designer DANON
model VIC 

fashion designer USHATAVA
creative director LILIA FRIDMAN



photo1-2: dress USHATAVA earrings, bracelet DANON

photo 3: top USHATAVA earrings DANON

photo 4: jacket, top USHATAVA earrings SYMPTOM

photo 5: sleeves, top, trousers USHATAVA earrings SYMPTOM

photo 6-7: dress USHATAVA necklace, bracelets DANON

photo 8: dress USHATAVA bracelets DANON

photo 9: jacket, top USHATAVA trousers Zara earrings SYMPTOM

photo 10: dress USHATAVA earrings DANON

photo 11: sleeves, top, trousers USHATAVA earrings SYMPTOM

photo 12: top, kilt, trousers USHATAVA earrings, bracelet, rings DANON

There's a fair princess; they say
That she charms all hearts away -
Brighter than the sun at noon,
She outshines the midnight moon;
In her braids, a crescent beams,
On her brow, a bright star gleams.
She herself is sweet of face,
Full of majesty and grace.
When she speaks, her sweet voice seems
Like the flow of tinkling streams.
Is this true, though, or a lie?" 


The Tale of Tsar Saltan  A.S.Pushkin


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makeup artist CLAUDIO SORGETZ/ wardrobe stylist GIOVANNA GOBBI/ model VICTOR BARBOSSA/ photographer RIKKO OLIVEIRA/

producer DANIELA SOUSA DIAS/ hair stylist DEZ STUDIO/ wardrobe stylist/creative director LÚCIA VALDEVINO/ makeup artist RAQUEL SOEIRO/ photographer PEDRO AFONSO

Here is the story about color. About color "orange". The ways we see it and reflect in our everyday life can be amazingly different.