the last woman on earth

`The Last Woman on Earth’ editorial showcases original designs from Rue Vautier.  All pieces are handmade in Switzerland and the designer, Naomi Walsky, stresses the use of sustainable materials and practices.

These photos seek to combine the ethereal, otherworldly elements of Naomi’s designs with the harsh terrain of Alaska.  This stark and unique juxtaposition of fashion and the forlorn Alaskan outdoors added an artistic and thought-provoking component.

The styling, posing, and angles of the images artistically amalgamate the ambiguity of the present moment and are open to interpretation, challenging the viewer's opinion of beauty, structure, function and form.

This shoot was a creative collaboration that stimulates the senses, showcasing the possibility of bridging the gap between futuristic, sustainable fashion and living while existing within nature and the elements. 

In Naomi's words- “I wanted to explore the ephemerality of our existence, and the existence of our world, mixing themes of ancient past and far future, the concept of being the first woman or being the last, androgyny and extreme femininity, and the conflation of our world versus others. In the shoot we are unsure of where we are, who is who, if we are looking into the future or the past, as well as if any of the characters in our shoot are aware of the others. It is an uneasy mood, but subdued by delicate beauty whether through styling details, a model’s gaze, or the ever-imposing unique landscape.  When we see the result we are confronted with our own notions of beauty and our pre-existing thoughts on our individual artistic points of view.”

creative director/photographer Memry Anderson/ designer/stylist Naomi Walsky/ model Yana Watanabe/ model McKenzie Rogers/ model Braelyn Rogers/ model Haley Rogers/ make up Chance Droege/ hair Kristin Forbes/ location Alaska