The Chinese Chinoiserie

Chinoiserie is the European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and other East Asian artistic traditions, and we were trying to reinterpret it in a Chinese way. This series of photos was created by 3 Chinese ladies at a Chinese Restaurant. If not the Chinese, who could better embody the real "Chinese Style"?

photographer: Shell Hofstadter | IG@shellhoffoto

makeup&hair: Sandy Liu | IG@sandyliu1122

model: Yuki Fan | IG@yukifanmodel



photo1: Dress Mukzin @mukzin_official

photo2: Dress Mukzin @mukzin_official

photo3: Dress Mukzin @mukzin_official

photo4: Dress Mukzin @mukzin_official

photo5: Coat Mukzin @mukzin_official Dress @zimmermann

photo6: Coat Mukzin @mukzin_official Dress @zimmermann

photo7: Coat Mukzin @mukzin_official Dress @zimmermann

photo8: Shirt Mukzin @mukzin_official 

photo9: Shirt Mukzin @mukzin_official 

photo10: Shirt Mukzin @mukzin_official