tennis club growth diary


Macao Park, a high school student, is an ordinary student. Macao Park, who is not interested in hobbies, specialities, or studying, and for him, the same way to school every day is boring and boring, but for him, tennis...

A movement with a sense of heat is approaching. For the implicit purpose of the school club department, he unintentionally joins the remaining department, the tennis club.
And the tennis racket that he was given to him.
Most of the days were ballboys who picked up tennis balls that were repeatedly thrown out because of difficulties and repeatedly twisted feet and lacked stamina.
But as the days go by, he realizes he's not good enough, and he's got a desire to win.
I'm starting to get a little bit serious after I succeed. In a sport called tennis, the team members of the same department improved day by day and got stronger, so they started the starting line-up, so they played the actual game.
He was put in, and Macau Park became more and more engaged in practice and practice, and over time, he became a regular starter and became quite professional.
After joining the department, the clumsy racket was held in the beginning, and the ball was picked up, and the ball was hit by the ball, and the foot was twisted, and the scene of the young man falling disappeared and the line was thickened.
I became a professional player. Finally, Macau Park won the MVP title and won the first place medal after entering the official game. Tennis, which had just shattered his boredom. Maybe our talent is...

  It can be found in coincidence. Before writing this article, a fashion designer was inspired to produce clothes by looking at tennis courts, rackets, basketball courts, etc. I happened to see this outfit.
How about expressing a boy's growth diary in terms of fashion and sports? That's what I thought. I planned this shooting project. The model who participated in this is not tennis, but actually,
I found a group of professions called models by coincidence, lived as a profession and ran with passion. I added a little bit of my story here and planned it.
I hope I can be an inspiration to all the passionate actors in fashion. 


creative director, story editor, model KWAN WOO PARK
photography JONG WOK SEO
fashion designer LEE SEUNG JI
hair & mua SO MIN CHIO


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