spring - summer 2022


1 Coat FATALE @fatale.vestiaire @abet_federica Boots FABI @fabishoes

2 Coat FATALE @fatale.vestiaire @abet_federica

3 Coat FATALE @fatale.vestiaire @abet_federica Boots FABI @fabishoes

4 Coat FATALE @fatale.vestiaire @abet_federica

5 Dress Robert Czerwik @robertczerwik Boots Robert Czerwik @robertczerwik

6 Coat FATALE @fatale.vestiaire @abet_federica Boots FABI @fabishoes

7-8 Jacket FATALE @fatale.vestiaire @abet_federica Boots Robert Czerwik @robertczerwik

9 Top & pants Robert Czerwik @robertczerwik Shoes Osvaldo Rossi @osvaldorossicalzature

How did your modeling career start?

My modeling career began in Kuzbass, this is the Western of Siberia, I was participated in shows and shooting just for the soul, then I could not even dream that I would get a job on the European catwalks and in magazines.
Then I moved to Moscow, combining my main job and modeling, everyone was confused - how is this possible, but for me modeling has always been has like a pleasure, although it is not easy, but I never give up and I’m not lazy. I don't want to praise myself, but no matter how difficult it is, I just go and do it, and if I take up work, I absolutely do the best.
And already in Moscow, after hard work on the catwalks and shooting, local designer Hera Scandal noticed me and invited to a show in Germany as part of Berlin Fashion Week. Which was a turning point and I have already become a regular participant of fashion weeks in Germany, France and Italy.
Now I work mainly at European and Moscow fashion weeks and occasionally participate in shoots for brands.

Tell us about this shoot.

This shoot was been just after Milan Fashion Week, for designers Robert Cherwik and Fatale. Initially, it was supposed to be a classic Catholic background, but French photographer Katherine Aseeva, by the way, she is one of my favorite photographers, suggested adding locations of the morning foggy Milan to this collection. And as she turned out to be right, the look of a professional did not disappoint. The place emphasized the outfits, the outfits emphasized the place. As a model, I had only to work out this emotion filled with a bit of severity.

What do you like most about your work?

The pleasure, the space pleasure that I feel from this work.
The feeling on the podium or in front of the camera, it's kind of cosmic. It's an incredible feeling of belonging to creativity, art, because even ordinary photography for a catalog is art.
And of course, new places, new people, different collections that you meet, it all gives a boost of energy.
Now my team and I have started working on creating a modeling school-agency that will help simple girls like me from different parts of our planet to realize their dreams and get on the world podium or shooting, feel like a model, become one.

Who would you most like to work with?

I remember the time when I had a goal to work on the Moscow catwalks, in Russia, then I started thinking about Europe, and now of course I want to conquer America (there are the biggest fees for models there). But one of the most cherished things now is to work for the fashion house Dolce & Gabanna. Their last show in Venice inspired me, it's a luxury and a highest level of the world fashion. Maybe creative directors will read this article and invite me ;)

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