She and I 
He and I
They and I
My home and I
Natura and I

Soulmate?  Who is she?  What is it?  Where did she come from?
About a human, about people, about sensations.
It doesn't matter what color, age or gender.  What matters is what is inside.  You can feel it with your skin.
With your blood you feel that you are of the same tribe, relatives, soulmates...

photographer POLINA ADONEVA
model KATE
photographer EMILIA SHABIEVA
makeup artist SEVARA
model ANNA

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Web Editorial

singer SABRINA BAGIROVA/ stylist NADY FOMINA/ photographer KRISTINA ALPHA/ hair stylist IVAN IVANOV


photographer ANDREA MILIOTTI/ wardrobe stylist NADIA TESTI/ makeup artist COSTANZA SCORNAIENCHI/ model EMMA DEL TORO/ retoucher SARA CINQUINI/ art director TOMMASO SACCHINI/

photographer IRINA ANIKINA hair stylist PAUST VASSENN/ makeup artist MARIA POLEZHAEVA/ fashion designer SVARKA/ model MAXIM NIKONOV/ model AKITOYE ADEOGO BLESSING