ROKUBUEN 22SS in Tokyo Fashion week

fashion designer YUKO MUKAI
creative director DIRECTED BY OZI
fashion designer ROKUBUEN
male model YUGA K @D Tokyo
photographer TAKURO USUI
male model RODRIGO @Domo Tokyo
makeup artist RIONA
model KAISEI NAKANO @Sos Tokyo
female model RIO KOYASHIKI @Stanford Tokyo
model SHURI T @D Tokyo
fashion designer AYUMI ODAWARA
female model MISATO M @D Tokyo
male model KEIJU FURUYA @Wolf Tokyo
model MOSPHILIA @Stanford Tokyo
male model DAISUKE A @Sos Tokyo
hair stylist N K
model KAITO @MMF Tokyo
fashion designer YUSHI TAKEUCHI
model MAKI @Wolf Tokyo
hair & makeup CON
model DELPHINE @D Tokyo


A new fashion brand ROKUBUEN that is beginning to attract attention in Japan.
This brand has many parts where detailed information is not officially disclosed.
But in our interview it became a little clearer.

" For more information about fashion designers? "
We have three main fashion designers.
One is Yuko Mukai. She is the last disciple of famous fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto. She has a strong concept of creating costumes, most of which is close to the concept of haute couture.
The other is Yushi Takeuchi. He is still one of the most influential fashion college students in Japan. He is young and feels that he will definitely be an important designer in the future.
The third person is still kept secret.

" What do you think about sustainable? "
ROKUBUEN is a fashion brand with a weak concept of selling clothes and a strong concept of expression. So it's still a weak brand. The number of products produced is very small, and we are conscious of clothes that can be worn for many years regardless of fashion. Therefore, half of the clothes announced this term are modified versions of the previous term.

" What do you think is important for ROKUBUEN? "
It may be the opposite of the original fashion. I want to make clothes that can be worn for many years, and I am conscious of making them feel the traditional culture of Japan. The price of Japanese-specific fabrics is high, which is a problem. Also, we are conscious of making our feelings fun like cosplay. We like samurai and ninja kimonos.

" What kind of development are you planning for ROKUBUEN in the future? "
To be honest, we may be thinking of a different direction from general fashion brands. We will change the way we create products and the way we publicize. It feels like it's against business, so you may not be able to get out of a weak brand.
We still like it, because we enjoy making clothes and expressing.

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photographer ALEKSANDRA OTKO/ female model AGATA KOWALCZYK/ fashion designer ELA OLSZEWSKA/

A fashion show backyard reminiscent of the 90's. This fashion show is ROKUBUEN 21SS collection held at Tokyo Fashion Week.

photographer YONGQI LIU/ model NORA VAI/