The smell of the afternoon sunlight permeating the window makes us feel drowsy. A very peaceful afternoon without anything conveys boredom to us, but nothing feels better than that. Humans in modern society, who live busy every day, think and need a healing time like a drowsy afternoon when the warm sun shines. If a person continues to run, he or she gets tired quickly, but if he or she takes a break, adjusts the balance, and runs, I don't think there's any better progress than that.
It always shines on us, but what we don't realize is the laziness of the afternoon sun. After lunch, people often say they get food coma, but when they are full and warm healing comes down from the sky, anyone will be possessed by the laziness and feel drowsy. But for us, afternoon drowsiness will be like an unauthorized drug. Even in the afternoon, we, who are trying to fulfill our duties as members of society, struggle to overcome that laziness by taking caffeine or going around and overcoming that laziness. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, I think the most necessary thing is the feeling of languor delivered by the warm sunshine of a very peaceful afternoon.
A man with slightly sleepy eyes is reflected. He is drunk on the warmth of the sun and is releasing his languor. His unknown expression, which seems to be lost in contemplation or spacing out, somehow seems to feel good. Unlike weekdays when things always happened, I can see him trying to heal today, but I feel like he's trying to put his thoughts aside for a while and just leave his body to laziness. Drowsy emotions are contagious because they are good emotions. Therefore, the more we look at him, the more we think about putting aside our languor and stopping moving as a member of society, leaving the word healing alone. To be exact, it throws away the notion of working and makes you feel like you want to leave your body as you wish. Smoke is rising. It also seems to be relieving fatigue from my body by leaving my body to languor. For some reason, it can be seen that his face, which looks good, has a suddenly decadent beauty. Under his complex and subtle emotional lines and dark lighting seen in the thick smoke, he also feels lively and describes another languor and instinct. Smoke can be seen ascending to the sky as it rises, and fatigue and stress are also blowing away from the body because it escapes from the body. I think this is the healing I can feel in the afternoon of my daily life.

photographer OUR.OWN.HOUR
male model SEONG HYEOK J
makeup artist GOLDOK

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photographer JOO YOUNG KIM/ model TROTS/ make up artist CHOI SUZY/ assistant JI YOUNG LEE

photographer HAILEY LIU/ wardrobe stylist PEIWEN WANG/ female model SIERRA BRADY/ makeup artist LYNN LIU/