my twilight wish



Tell us about what inspired you to take up fashion photography.

I am currently studying Master of Fashion at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. The most important thing about fashion is that besides the fabric, cut and shape, it also needs to show its visual effect and connotation. In previous work with other photographers, I might not have fully conveyed the meaning of the work because everyone has different aesthetic tastes. So I decided to learn photography by myself because when I was in control of the camera, I could bring out the images in my mind.


What was the most difficult part of your professional development?

When I'm preparing an outfit, I can't design an outfit from scratch as if it were a fashion portfolio because it may take a lot of time to operate. Due to the short shooting interval, I may need to buy fabrics in a short time, and sometimes I need to transform and remake the existing second-hand clothes. However, I still want to add more design elements to the clothes I shoot rather than shoot with the original style of clothes.


What influenced your style?

My style is mainly focused on the themes it shoots. For example, this is a very Chinese theme. In China, there is a custom of tying a red rope to a tree to make a wish or praying in the form of dancing. Therefore, many customs with ancient Chinese culture have had a significant influence on me. At the same time, I was also influenced by the works of many film photographers, so this time I also used a film camera to complete this shooting. I think the film with the sense of old times is very appropriate to the theme of this time.


Tell us a little about this shoot

The shooting was enjoyable and smooth. The makeup artist and model showed good professional qualities, which allowed me to do more creative shooting to a large extent. Coincidentally, the subject matter is also a favorite subject for makeup artists and models.

fashion designer/photographer ZHAOXIANG ZHANG
makeup artist YILA ZHONG
model ZIYAN LI



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