fashion designer/photographer/wardrobe stylist/retoucher DIANA NAGORNA

My name is Diana Nagorna. I'm felt artist and photographer from Ukraine.
This is my new felt project - "Monochrome". Of course it is about love, creativity and inspiration.
I remember the same sensations I experienced in our sculptural workshop, when in front of you there is only a lump of raw clay, a few simple tools and your imagination. At first it was always scary, it was not clear what to do with her. When you slowly begin to knead the clay in your hands, it becomes warm, plastic, and your hands become more and more confident, each new one no longer leaves an accidental mark on the shapeless clay mass, but gives it the shape that is created at that moment in your head.
This is a magical sensation, of course.
And so, from a simple piece of cold wet clay, a whole story is born, sometimes metaphorical, sometimes straightforward, but always alive and real. In this, for me, wool and clay are very similar.
Working on this series, I again and with great pleasure plunged into that state of creativity in which you can create different, simple and rather complex images using only one material, one color, one pair of hands.
Using a minimum of expressive means to create different images, in my opinion, is a very powerful and inspiring exercise that nourishes the freedom of creative thinking.
It makes it possible to understand what you can do at all, what you are now at this stage of your creative path.
And this is so important for any artist!
This is a very interesting internal dialogue in which you can clarify a lot of important and interesting things for yourself.
I sincerely recommend such practices to everyone.
It is very simple and difficult at the same time.

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