This is a story about the Slavic goddess of night, winter and death - Mara.

Her symbols are the moon, cold and sickle, with which she cuts the threads of human destinies.

Her time is winter, with the arrival of spring it weakens, almost dies, giving way to new life.

photographer/creative director KONSTANTIN PUCHKOV
model BON BABY 
photography assistant YULIYA RONIS
makeup artist ALICE ERMISHINA
wardrobe stylist INGA MASLOVA 
hair stylist JULIA DENEKO
set designer KARINA ILIOPULO 


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photographer YIHAN SHAO/ model JIAYUAN MU/ model LANA LV/ makeup artist LEVIN KAM/ fashion designer SHIYI WANG/

model MIREILLE/ photographer/director/art director/ ELISABETH HOFF/ smoke expert/special effects PAUL CLAYTON/ model CHIA/ manicurist CHIARA BALLISAI/ female model EVA WATKIN/

wardrobe stylist/fashion designer REBECCA CERBINI/ model TAHIR/ fashion designer DOMENICO OREFICE/ photographer/creative director CATERINA ROMEI/