Kirra Collins new

photographer/ wardrobe ELLIE RICH
makeup & lashes GLAM GALL 
hair stylist KELCIE BALL 

How did your modelling career start?

I attribute my career and inspiration in modeling and fitness to always being “real” and staying true to myself. I have built a lot of new friendships and have met a lot of great people by just being me. In life you must stay humble and be grateful. I always try to be positive and encourage others to do the same. Your attitude influences everything you do in life and how you get along with others. When you work hard and love what you are doing, the rest falls into place.

Tell us about this shoot.
This was a stunning and amazing photoshoot with costumes and stunning landscapes. Climbing in bushes, tress, and lots of different terrain to get the perfect shot was so much fun.

What do you like most about your work?

Most fitness enthusiasts can’t seem to do just one thing, and I am no exception. I’m a full-time Mom, Elite Personal Trainer, Contest Prep Coach, Nutrition consultant and Fitness Model. Shortly after starting my fitness journey, I started my own multi-faceted health and wellness company and became an elite personal trainer and for the last few years helping to transform the bodies and lives of so many women. Fitness has helped me develop and strengthen my character, as it gave me so much more confidence in myself. I began to believe in and love myself even more, and I was able to free myself of negative things like negative people, bad food, and nonsensical things that were influencing my life. The results from my lifestyle are not just limited to my body. As a result, it opened up a newfound love and career in modeling.

Who would you most like to work with?

More female models and photographers, more commercial shoots.

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