photographer DIONISIOS
model GIACOMO GOATTIN @Viviens Model Management 
makeup artist NARLISY ELUNA


How long have you been a photographer?

On and off for close to 30 years, however my journey really began when I was 8 years old. I have however taking this journey more seriously since 2018.

What pushed you on this path in the beginning?

My fathers love for cameras was a major influence for me to pick up photography. I remember we would take trips out in the Greek countryside during the weekend when I was and he would bring along his film camera. I was amazed at how with a click a button you capture a moment in time.

Tell us about your favourite shooting.

I don’t have a favorite as such, however what I have noticed with myself is that as I grow more as a photographer I am continually drawn to the story telling of the photographic medium.

What inspires you? What subjects do you like to reflect in your photographs and why?

I find the creative process of an idea inspired by a story captured in a still moment truly fulfilling. I am captivated by human emotion and expression, the connection to ourselves and those around us, and to our environment. I am a dreamer and I do have vivid dreams that play out in my art.

What is your main goal for your career?

How one interprets art is so personal, so for me its not about having a career as such it’s about the connection a viewer has with the image I created. I would like for my image to make the viewer feel something, holding their gaze. I want to create art that is timeless! One key goal is that I would like to one day exhibit my body of work.

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