gloss of the soul




photo 1-7: TOPTOP STUDIO

In life, we often strive for luxury. With the help of the right outfit, we try to make an impression and stand up to appraising glances. But an expensive dress, pathos and a seemingly beautiful life are nothing in the face of nature.

The heroine stood in a dress on the very top of the mountain, and the wind gently kissed her face. There were no cliches, problems, eternal haste, no one looked at her financial situation.

Alone with the powerful and majestic nature, masks are removed and the true human essence is exposed. Everything pales before the grand scale of the universe. Only the soul that longs for harmony and unity with nature comes to the fore. She shines in the sun's rays and feels free in the primordial world.

The real luxury is to be yourself in the rays of the Sun. Greatness — to feel the breath of the Earth.

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photographer SOPHIE CÉCILE XU/ model KELLY CHU/ model SPENCER AHN/ wardrobe stylist & model AYUMI PERRY/ hair stylist ASHLEY LUBACH/ makeup artist MICHELE WILDERMAN/

model AINA KOKORINA/ makeup artist/hair stylist EKATERINA ZEGI/ stylist NINA ATISKOVA/ assistant EVGENIIA BOTALOVA/ photographer NIKOLAI PONOMAREV/

photographer MARC WICK/ model MARIA/