fiore di campo

Being born and building without preconceptions, wild, not in physicality, but in spirit. Just like wildflowers, the human being.
This was the reasoning behind the development of this photographic project.




Tell us about what inspired you to take up fashion photography.

In 2015 I wanted to deepen my passion for photography and I decided to take a themed degree course. It was during this course that I approached fashion photography. I clearly remember when fashion photography broke into my heart: it was a lesson on Richard Avedon. In front of the photo “Dovima whith elephant” I was delighted. I think it all started from there.


What was the most difficult part of your professional development?

What has always been difficult for me, and still is, is dealing with myself and my concerns. I often question my abilities, sometimes it leads me to positive results such as professional growth, sometimes I throw myself down and lose confidence in myself. But this is the beauty of being an artist, you can never be satisfied. Neither of you, nor of your art.


What influenced your style?

I am curious and I get stimuli from everything. My photographic style is the synthesis between my person, my character, what I like and what excites me. I take inspiration from concepts dear to me and then develop them in photographic projects. I like to think so much over things, but when I click I let instinct driving.


Tell us a little about this shoot.

Fiore di campo comes from a reflection on those flowers that born without the need for a human hand. They born without a precise will, without purpose, just to be, to be there.
Instead since the birth human being are slaves of the culture, traditions and rules.
I wanted to bring back this concept into the project, that's why the images are simple, without too many frills, without superstructures. The images are clean, pure, as it is the relationship between the girl and the selected flowers.

photographer ALICE SCIOTTI
female model ANGELA SOCCOL

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