dunes & mimosas

assistant VLAD LOKTEV
photographer YANA MOSTITSKY
wardrobe stylist NADEZHDA GANICHEVA

1-4 Dress by H&M 

5-7 Dress by YOOX 

8-11 Dress by BCBGMAXAZRIA 


How long have you been a photographer? What pushed you on this path in the beginning?

I was born in Moscow, grew up in Israel, and about a decade ago moved with my family to California, where I began my path towards the career of a professional photographer.
For many years I worked hard on building my scientific career, as a protein biochemistry researcher in Israel. However, when my family moved to California, I felt that this was the chance for a new beginning, a time to take the opportunity and explore my artistic side. I started a new chapter in my life, as a product and fashion photographer for a boutique jewelry and accessories brand, followed by establishing my own photography business, concentrating on portraiture, and gradually, step by step shifting my focus to commercial portrait & advertising photography.

Tell us about your favorite shooting.

The project Dunes & Mimosas is definitely one of my favorites. It was planned as a part of a week-long trip to the San Diego, California region. I’ve enjoyed the incredible vibe of the desert and the amazing views. Waking up before the sunrise and driving in the dark towards the beautiful sandy dunes, was a great part of the experience, building the tension and excitement towards the shoot that was planned. Another part of the puzzle was the chance of getting to know our model, Caitlyn Grace, since we got to spend time together during the trip. Using this knowledge, I could express her bubbly and outgoing character through the composition, movement and emotion in my shots. I think that the images that me and my team created are definitely in sync with our subject, the styling and the environment. I am very happy with the outcome and I hope your audience will enjoy them too.

What inspires you?

My imagery is heavily influenced by the avant-garde art movements, formed at the beginning of the 20th century. Especially the 1920s were a remarkable period of creativity that brought forth new, bold movements that changed the way the world looked at itself. The main figures I look up to are Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Alexander Rodchenko, Diego Rivera and many others who have developed their incredible artistics skills in that particular period of time. I like the colorful realistic technique and motifs of surrealism in paintings by Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. I keep incorporating objects from my childhood in my imagery, such as egg holders and fine china tea cups. You can also notice the motives of circles and frames, which in my mind serve as a portal to an alternative reality. I prefer curved lines, rather than rectilinear designs, however, I find a certain delightfulness in the constructivism and cubism approaches. One of my favorite books is “Foam of the Days” by Boris Vian. I love that it describes a world very much like ours, but something is off, illogical, different. However, the idea of a dystopian future is foreign to my art, I prefer it serene and rather playfully different.
What subjects do you like to reflect in your photographs and why?

I enjoy creating artistic portraits that highlight my client’s personality, profession and style, through illustrative narrative with a classic or sometimes, surrealistic touch. I am also a fan of the retro style, simple portraiture, either in color or monochrome. In my imagery, I seek to empower and inspire my clients. Carefully crafted lighting, attention to detail, well-planned color palette, an ability to guide my clients, setting a right mood and a right pose - are the keys to the puzzle of creating a unique portrait. At the end of the day, building an imagery that speaks volume, while being silent is my source of personal fulfillment and inspiration.

What is your main goal for your career?

My career goal is to go on as a freelance photographer, working with known brands and companies to create high-end portraiture and visual content for their commercial needs. The goal of my imagery is finding the beauty and power in my subjects and expressing it through the craft of fine portraiture. I love incorporating notes of humor in my imagery, however, the observer will rather laugh with my subject, but not make fun of them. People's faces are interesting, beautiful and captivating, each in its own unique way, and my job is to find the appropriate light, angle and the decisive moment to encapsulate this essence in my shot. Using this approach I help my subjects to communicate the uniqueness of their character, product or business to their customers.

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