Depend on boredom

makeup artist ILARIA CAROCCI

Employees of the constant search for a state of mental boredom.
Boredom that relaxes. The boredom it creates. The boredom that thinks.

How long have you been a photographer? What pushed you on this path in the beginning?

I have been photographing professionally for 3 years, I have been using cameras for 10 years. The choice to undertake a professional life inspired by photography I had exactly when time made me realize that there was no more time, taking away the person most dear to me. My grandfather. From that moment on I understood the importance of having a moment understood as a space of immensity, eternity is part of our moment, of our space. You just need to want it and look for it and my only way to get to him, always, is this. Photographing moments destined to be eternal.

Have you always wanted to make art?

Yes, I have always wanted to pursue a career and a lifestyle inspired by the life of a photographer, during the artistic career and in the stages of adolescence I also dedicated myself to drawing.

Tell us about your favorite shot.

In reality I perceive my every shot as if it should always be my favorite, only one. I think it is a secret ingredient in order not to lose the charm of a single shot.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the frenetic passing of time, nostalgia and sentiment, the desire to live and describe. Carrying moods through visual communication, writing with light, reading with shadows, all this inspires me, photography inspires me.

How would you characterize your style?

Unique, new. I know I have a unique and completely innovative character, I am a discovery of myself every day. My style cannot be different. My style is detail, character, contrasts, warm nostalgic colors, dedicated to romanticism, the authority of a shot, the poised, the expressiveness the final message. My art, my photography is the result of my unique thought.

What advice would you give to a beginning photographer?

Never lose the courage to photograph, do it. Like the unstoppable desire to grow. Dare to be wrong, accept criticism. We are proud to believe in what you do, get up and once again, based on your mistakes, leave for another race, for another photo. Photography is made up of the heart, with eye, technique and stubbornness. Dare.

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