photographer JIHOON J
makeup artist SAEROMI KIM
male model SEONG HYEOK J


The word Christmas happiness conveys warmth enough to overcome the cold winter. I think it's good to buy a gift for yourself only on Christmas. To someone, while calling himself Santa, he delivers the gift of happiness, and that happiness is delivered to another person. Happiness is not that difficult. The gift of happiness delivered during the time of the day with someone can brighten the warmth of Christmas.
Looking around the streets on Christmas Eve, countless people walk around to buy their own gifts, with smiles spreading around their mouths. I wonder if they smile at the joy of delivering gifts to themselves or to those they think are the most precious. At times like this, I think it's a good direction to spare no wallet. In the hands of citizens on the street, you can see the free march of luxury shopping bags that you don't usually carry. No one will blame you for purchasing luxury goods only on such a day. Rather, today is our special happy Christmas, so it will be good to buy a luxury brand.
A couple passing by over there chooses a gift from the woman, and the man follows the woman with the gift chosen by the woman. It can be seen that there are many gifts in his hand that a woman bought with the idea that it is Christmas. Since it's Christmas, there's something that's forgiven, so they look happy, but it seems to be a play for the man to see the amount of gifts and to show the signs of struggle. When you enter the house, the tree greets them brightly, and Red Velvet leads them to the living room where the tree is located. If you look at their houses decorated with colorful velvet colors, you can feel the Christmas mood only at home with a stable and cozy feeling that is quite different from what you felt outdoors. Even though they went around choosing gifts, they are rather happy without showing signs of tiredness. From their faces, it can be seen that this word "Christmas" is a truly amazing magic word that relieves fatigue, and we also have that happiness transferred to our faces.
There is a lot to prepare for Christmas. Bring trees to the house and decorate them with Christmas trees. Children decorate their socks at home in the belief that Santa Claus gives them gifts. The concept of family festivals also serves as a different meaning for Christmas.
In order to celebrate the anniversary of the day, they move together with the family members and have a happy time in harmony. In addition, parents prepare gifts for their children and educate them of their goodness by creating a childhood innocence that Santa Claus gave gifts because the children were nice. For this day, the family purchases various things and organizes a family party, but there is no home party as big as this day. Typically, meat dishes such as cakes and grilled turkey ovens are prepared, and families who lived apart come to explain each other's recent status on the table where everyone sits, and share happiness while enjoying the various dishes prepared. From this, it can be seen that the best gift for Christmas is time to spend with your family.
I don't know why, but the home party food we eat on Christmas is also a dish that we can usually eat. However, I think the reason why it feels more delicious than usual is because I share it with my family. We can tell from our mouth that the flavor improves as soon as Christmas seasoning is added to our usual dishes. Dip a bite into the cake. I can't forget the sweetness from the whipped cream. Wouldn't the scent of the chocolate decorated above be a play that children cannot yield to each other? This is also a sitcom decorated by a single anniversary.
Therefore, it can be seen that the gift that exists on Christmas deviates from the trivial concept of delivering to someone and also exists the time spent with someone and the medium that makes someone happy, soon Christmas. It would not be bad to visit your parents' house under the pretext of being busy so far under the pretext of Christmas. Any opportunity for happiness may not come again. While everyone is having depressing days due to the epidemic of COVID-19, I hope this Christmas will be a happy Christmas by throwing off the "COVID-19 Blue."

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