chinese market

The inspiration comes from the designer's observation and record of the Chinese market. Stonehenge and caves are reminiscent of China's western bazaar. The background of the indoor antique warehouse also reminds us of the ancient early market in childhood. The Chinese market is closely related to each Chinese life, although many markets gradually disappeared into high-rise buildings.

makeup artist MAO RUI
photographer HEATHLUCA
model CASSANDRA XU @liquid_models

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wardrobe stylist NATALIE TANG/ hair stylist NANA TSUI/ makeup artist MUA.CRUSH/ assistant ERICA LAI/ photographer CHASE K/ female model TING YAN/


photographer OUR.OWN.HOUR/ male model SEONG HYEOK J/ makeup artist GOLDOK/

photographer LIZA SCHEGOLKOVA/ makeup artist/hair stylist MIRA AVALIANI/ wardrobe stylist/creative director PEREVOZOVA OLGA/ model KRASILNICOVA CAMILLA/