The photoshoot was inspired by European rock band posters and promos from the 90s - beginning of the 2000s. This period falls in my childhood and goes into my teenage, memorable to me with romantic time, nightclubs, live music, and a special love for foreign bands music. Like magic, the perfect team has gathered to make this project come true.

photographer: Toma Kostygina | IG@toma.kostygina

photographer: Frank Martinez | IG@xplr_est82

makeup: Peggy Wright | IG@peggywrightmakeup

talent: Erik Valium | IG@erikvalium_music

talent: Nick Stone | IG@inoy__official

female model: Juliette Cecile | IG@juliette_cecile

talent: Kalman Szili | IG@daturakilos

talent: Ayrton Emerson | IG@ayrtonemerson

lighting assistant: Frank Martinez | IG@the1frank