american essence

photographer SEZEN JUNE SINAN
retoucher ELISA NECHAI 

How did your modeling career start?

My modeling all started with being able to relate to this archetype, and see qualities in myself with actors on the screen. This was a sense of freedom when I saw something real, and in the stories these preoccupations of the inner mind and reflections on the world, I identify it as my calling to embody this and communicate it to the outside world.

That gravity brought me into Manhattan, studying the method and being a protege of the head of the actors' studio while forming my acting company and working with broadway writers. I was producing and leading acting in a play when the pandemic shut the show down on the opening day. I had an audience from my shows and shoots great photographer friends of mine had taken, I knew I had big potential in the field and following the lockdown decided to take modeling seriously, and now have been getting scouted and have some interesting opportunities lined up. I'm looking forward to where it’s leading.

What do you like most about your work?

I love expression and communication, a chance to relate to others through a mood or scene.

Who would you most like to work with?

All of my idols are dead. I would say there are directors and writers who I truly admire (some I have met and some of whom I haven’t), main coming to mind, I would love a conversation with author S.E. Hinton.

Tell us about the shoot.

The spirit can never be destroyed and out of the rubble and remains something new and powerful emerges, an American Essence, or American Breath.

In a burnt-out building in SoHo New York City, I saw a raw truth in the space. Sezen and I decided to shoot stills guerilla-style sneaking into the spot, we mixed some American Designer brands like Gucci and Tom Ford with vintage classic American workwear brands. A style inspired by classic Americana, Hellenistic lighting principles to show dimension, while drawing inspiration of the main image from Raphael’s painting of Archangel Michael.

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